Peter Andre opens up about son’s traumatic birth

He and wife Emily welcomed baby Theodore last month

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If you pop into your local shop today you will see the smiley faces of Peter Andre, his wife Emily and their newborn son Theodore staring back you like the cats who got the cream.

And so they should! They are one blissfully happy family at Christmas.

It’s enough to make you vom, right?

Nah, of course it’s not. It’s simply bootiful!

But while the Andre family look pretty pleased with themselves at the mo, the pair have revealed that Theo’s birth wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for poor Ems.

In fact, the whole procedure was one rather traumatic experience when she told that she would have to have a C-section.

“The birth did not go to plan,” Emily told OK! magazine. “I was having regular Braxton Hicks [contractions] from 20 weeks onwards and I was told at my 34-week check that he was breech.

“Then, after being a good size, I was told his weight had dropped right down. I was really worried so we went straight down to Taunton on November 14 to stay with my parents.

“By then I was having Braxton Hicks all the time.”

Drama had already ensued when during a checkup just the day before, she had been informed that Theo was breech and that his weight had dropped.

“I went to hospital and they tried to turn him from the outside, which was quite painful, but I didn’t want a C-section so I had to get through it,” Emily explained.

“They tried three times but he kept flipping back around.”

Thankfully Pete and Emily’s wee nipper is doing well and the couple are just so in love with their new arrival.

“Ems was besotted instantly, she was crying saying to the baby, ‘I’m so in love with you!'” he gushed.

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“I was thinking, God, this has been so traumatic! Of course, I got emotional seeing my baby for the first time, but also seeing Ems going through so much trauma. I had the greatest gift in the world, but Ems had been just been through hell.”

Now, after all his second wife has been through with Theo, he is planning to make this Christmas very special for her.

When asked if he had been shopping for a present for Emily yet, Pete told the magazine: “Yes, she’s got a big present from me this Christmas for having the baby,” and added that it was  a “dream to have another boy”.

In case you’d forgotten – and how could you seeing as though Pete is always banging on about those kids of his – he is already father to son Junior Savva and daughter Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther with ex-wife Katie Price, and daughter two year old Amelia with Emily.