Peter Andre hits back at Katie Price’s claims he doesn’t see Harvey

The singer says his ex-wife won't let him see the 14-year-old

Peter Andre was furious after ex Katie Price publicly slated him on live TV.

The mum-of-five told the Loose Women panel that her eldest son Harvey gets upset when her other children Junior and Princess visit their dad Peter, because he stays at home.

Pricey said: “Junior and Princess go and see Pete but Harvey doesn’t, and Harvey is aware of it.

“I’d love him to go but he doesn’t go and he’s always aware.

“Junior and Princess go and see Daddy on Thursday and Fridays and whatever but there’s nothing you can do.

“Some people stick to things, some people don’t but it’s sad when it does affect kids when they’ve got step-dads.

“Not meaning that horribly – but it’s not nice for Harvey.”

Pete, who helped raise Harvey during their four-year marriage, was not happy when he heard the digs and has hit back at his ex-wife.

A source close to Pete told new! that he’s desperate to be a part of the teen’s life but Katie won’t allow it.

The insider said: “Anyone who knows Pete knows he tried so hard to get access to Harvey, even legally, and how difficult Katie made it.

“He doesn’t need to be drawn into this game of tit for tat.

“He loves Harvey like he loves his biological children and just wants to be a part of his life.”

KP’s hurtful claims will come as an even bigger blow as Pete has just welcomed the arrival of newborn son Theodore.

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The source added: “He’s just had a newborn. It is very distasteful for her to start having a dig as soon as he’s had a new baby.”

Katie made the claims while discussing the topic, “Do we fear repeating the same mistakes of our parents?”.

She told the audience: “My parents were divorced, so when I split with Pete we split the kids half and half.

“I didn’t want that, but you have to think of the children.”

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Seemingly implying Pete did not see her oldest child, she said: “Some people stick to things, some people don’t, but it’s sad when it does affect kids when they’ve got step-dads. It’s not nice for Harvey.”

Despite Katie’s claims, Pete has spoken very highly of Harvey in the past.

He previously told new!: “I don’t see him all the time, but I see him at events like the kids’ sports days.

“Also, there have been a few times where he’s been to my house and I’ve been to his.

“Harvey will always be special to me and I just want him to be happy.

“He’s a great kid!”