Peter Andre defends video of 11-year-old Junior at the gym

The singer got a lot of abuse after sharing video of his son working out

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Peter Andre sparked a debate on social media after letting his kids use the gym, but he’s now responded to critics.

Last week, the father-of-four posted a clip of his eldest son Junior, 11, at the gym lifting weights.

The video on Instagram also shows Princess, nine, messing around with a skipping rope in her gym gear, as well as three-year-old Amelia hiding behind a punching bag stand.


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Peter, 44, is heard saying: “Oh man, my gym has been infiltrated by these two. Oh, and Mills behind there! Haha! I love having you guys at the gym.”

Some of his followers weren’t happy though.

One commented: “They should be running around outside not in a gym….”

Another said that Junior was too young: “Don’t really think the gym is the place for an 11year old [sic]”.

In Pete’s column with New! magazine, he hit back at all of the negative comments, simply calling it “a bit of fun”.

“First of all, the weights Junior was lifting were featherweight, and I was there with him the whole time.

“Of course I wouldn’t let him lift anything heavy! And Bista was just skipping and dancing to music.”

“I was in the gym at 11, 12 years old too. One minute they’re running around in the garden, the next they’re running around the garden, the next day they’re taking over my gym.

“We like keeping fit together – it’s just a bit of fun. Relax, people!”

Pete’s loyal fans stuck by him.

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One commented: “Such a lovely family you have Pete. Xx”.

Another also noted that it’s always a good idea to promote healthy living. “I think its excellent to promote a healthly life style [sic]”.

A third added: “It’s good that they are being taught to use the gym safely and properly under their dad’s guidance…”.

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