Peter Andre goes to extreme lengths to keep his children “young and innocent”

The star insists he doesn't let his eldest children use social media

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Dad-of-four Peter Andre has revealed he’s gone to extreme lengths to keep his children, Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, “young and innocent”.

The Aussie singer has banned his kids from using any social media at their home.

The star opened up about his “strict” parenting skills during a recent interview.

Pete shares Junior and Princess with ex-wife Katie Price (Credit: Instagram)

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Speaking to OK! Magazine Pete, 44, said: “I know some will disagree with me but I’m trying to keep Princess and Junior young and innocent while I can.

“Once they get phones, they’ll always have them and the minute they get on social media there’s no going back so I’m trying to drag it out for as long as I possibly can.”

“I don’t let the kids use any social media at my house.

“I’m strict: it’s just my way. At weekends we all sit around and play games and do things as a family,” he added.

The singer admits he doesn’t let his children use social media in the house (Credit: Instagram)

He went on to explain that his children Amelia, three, and Theo, seven-months, with wife Emily MacDonagh weren’t “born into the same world” therefore it will be different for them.

Pete said: “Junior and Bista [Princess] were born into it; they’ve been in all our reality shows and they loved it.

“Millie and Theo weren’t born into the same world, so it’s a different thing. But they love it.

“Bista really wanted to do the shoot today and they are getting to the age where they can decide for themselves.

“The one thing they know is that if there’s something they don’t want to do, they don’t have to do it.”

Pete also has two children with wife Emily (Credit: Instagram)

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This comes shortly after reality star Pete addressed rumours that Emily is expecting their third tot after fans were left wondering following an intimate photo of the couple.

The photo shows the loved-up couple looking down at Emily’s stomach as Pete holds her waist.

One fan asked the star: “@MrPeterAndre are you expecting another one hehe!!! X.”

To which the reality star replied: “She’s lush. No not expecting.”

And it seems the couple, who married in 2015, don’t have any plans to expand their brood in the near future.

During an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine the host asked Pete: “Would you have any more children?”

To which Peter replied: “ABSOLUTELY not.”

He jokingly added: “Unless they invent a 24-hour coffee system.”