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Peter Andre called ‘so ugly’ by daughter Princess in joke video

Quickly tried to rectify the situation

Peter Andre took an ego-bashing when 13-year-old daughter Princess called him “ugly” in a video.

The teen, daughter of Pete and Katie Price, insisted that she was joking but couldn’t stifle her giggles.

Princess Andre
Princess was in a mischievous mood (Credit: Instagram)

What did Princess say to Peter Andre?

Sharing the exchange on her Instagram Stories, Princess was seen chatting to her dad while he was in his kitchen.

When he saw her chuckling, he said: “You’re so mean. What are you laughing about?”

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“You’re soooo ugly,” she laughed in reply.

As a result Pete, 47, looked hurt and said without a smile, “Yeah, I am.”

Peter Andre
Peter Andre was not amused (Credit: Instagram)

How did Princess Andre try to get out of it?

Realising that she might be in trouble, Princess quickly tried to get out of the situation.

She captioned the video: “It’s a joke. I can’t talk.”

It’s a joke. I can’t talk.

Covering her mouth after the comment, she quickly issued a follow-up.

“Aw, I love you!” she exclaimed.

Poor Pete still looked unamused.

Peter Andre was also mocked by fans

It’s not been a good 24 hours for Pete.

The star was mocked by fans after showing off his bulge on Instagram, after he compared snaps with former TOWIE star Mark Wright.

Peter’s picture showed him in a pair of boxers as he showed off his ripped bod.

One cheeky commenter said after seeing the bulge: “How many socks Pete?”

Peter replied: “Not this time luv [Sic].”

Carl left a touching tribute to Katie (Credit: Hewitt/PalaceLee /

What has Katie Price been up to?

Elsewhere, Princess’s mother – Katie Price – and her relationship with Carl Woods seems to be going from strength to strength.

Carl, 31, left a touching tribute to Katie on his Instagram feed.

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“We’re a team, whatever you lack, I got you. Minor set back? Guess we’ll just make a major comeback. Bad day? Well, we’ll have a better night,” he said.

“Need support? I’ll be your backbone.

“We’ll keep motivated and come out on top. As long as you appreciate me and remain consistent you will never doubt my loyalty. You got me and I got us. @katieprice.”

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