Peter and Emily Andre reveal conflicting views on nudity at home

Different views in their separate magazine columns

Peter Andre’s wife Emily has said she’s comfortable with their two young children seeing her naked.

The qualified doctor wrote in her OK! magazine column that while she doesn’t parade around the house nude, she doesn’t mind if Amelia, four, and Theo, one, see her in the shower.

Emily, 28, said she wants the kids to grow up feeling comfortable about their bodies.

Emily and Peter (Credit: FameFlynet)

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She wrote: “I don’t think kids should have a perception of feeling self-conscious about their body. I think if you show that you’re trying to hide your body from them, they’ll be wondering why you’re doing that.

“Obviously as they get older they will become more body aware and learn what’s normal in terms of when it’s okay to be naked, but I think it’s good to teach them when they’re younger to not be too self-aware.”

Instagram @PeterAndre
The couple have two young children together (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

Emily added that she openly breastfed Theo in front of Amelia as well, in the hopes Amelia won’t feel conscious about it when she’s older.

However, it appears hubby Pete has a slightly different view – although he may well have been talking about his two eldest children, Junior, 12, and Princess, ten, whose mum is his ex-wife Katie Price.

The 45-year-old wrote in his own New! magazine column that he tends to cover up at home.

“There’s nothing wrong with walking around the house naked or sharing a bath together, but I tend to keep myself covered up,” he said.

“Obviously when the kids were babies it wasn’t something I thought about, but now they’re older, it’s not something I’d feel comfortable doing.”

Peter added that was just his personal view, and there was nothing wrong with families who thought differently.

The couple both wrote about the issue this week after Ben Fogle’s wife Marina said earlier this month she was raising her kids in a nude house.

Marina told Mail On Sunday: “I’ve never been shy about my body, and Ben and I enjoy piling in to the bath with our children. I’ve never been prudish about them seeing me naked, and they certainly aren’t fazed by it.”

I’m 45 tomorrow…..this is insane………….ia

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Meanwhile, Pete is marking his 45th birthday on Tuesday – but doesn’t yet know what wife Emily has got him!

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He marked the occasion last night with a funny photo showing Emily standing behind him with her hands covering his face.

Son Junior, 12, can be seen giving them a perplexed look.

Pete told fans: “I’m 45 tomorrow… this is insane….. ia.” Haha. We see what the Insania singer did there…

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