Perrie Edwards hits back at accusations she Photoshopped her bum in the BEST WAY

She and boyfriend Alex are poking critics where it hurts

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She’s been posting pictures from her ridiculously perfect-looking holiday with boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all week but the last one – of Perrie on a swing from behind – was by far the most controversial.

After the Little Mix singer posted it on Instagram, she received a barrage of comments accusing her of Photoshopping her bum to make it look bigger.

One tweeted: ‘looks slightly different😌’ , while another added ‘Obs photoshopped’.

A third wrote: ‘love you Perrie but photoshop right??’

Meanwhile lots of her other fans also stuck up for her, arguing that she probably didn’t have ‘time to be photoshopping on holiday’ (good point, there are cocktails to drink, guys, priorities).

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Someone else pointed out that you sit down, your bum does look bigger, which is another excellent point and which we are now kind of testing out with our bum cheeks.

But it was left to Perrie herself to totally slay the rumours.

Perrie uploaded the video version of the picture, with boyfriend Alex shouting ‘LOOKS MONSTROUS’ in the background while she responded with a breezy “Oh no” as she swung.

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Perrie and footballer Alex, both 23, confirmed their relationship in January this year and this is their first ‘couples’ holiday.

No one’s quite sure where they are but clue: it’s definitely not Bognor.

They’ve been doing lots of things like, erm, riding horses in the sea and spending time on fancy yachts and obviously all of it has made it onto Instagram.

Anyone else currently looking at rain outside? But sure guys, enjoy the day in your hammock, THANKS.