Perrie Edwards defends her ex’s old bandmate

Says she's proud of him

Perrie Edwards might not be a big fan of her ex fiancé Zayn Malik but she’s jumped to Louis Tomlinson’s defence, insisting “He’s such a nice guy”.

Bit late though. He probably needed her there when he got into a ruckus with a fan and a photographer at LAX Airport.

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The One Direction star was held by cops on a battery charge following a frantic brawl, and it could land him in jail for six months.

He’s accused of attacking a 22-year-old female fan, who was seen after the fight smiling and talking on her phone. She maintains Louis ‘socked’ her in the face.

The other side of the story? There are claims Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor was being attacked by three girls when Louis bolted over to help.

Now Good Morning Britain Host Piers Morgan and Hollywood star Alec Baldwin are urging Louis to get himself a bodyguard.

No word yet on whether Perrie is up for the job!

She was appearing on a Canadian TV show called etalk when she stepped up to defend Louis.

It seems she watched the video (who hasn’t?) and was impressed by the 1D heartthrob’s boyfriend credentials.

“It’s a hard situation because you don’t know how you would act unless you’re in that situation, but Louis is such a nice guy.

“When you watch the video, all he’s doing is protecting his girlfriend like any normal guy would…

“But because he’s in what was one of the biggest bands in the world people are just going to be constantly on him, which I think is unfair for him and Eleanor.”

Is it just our imagination or does Perrie sound like she’s having a dig at her ex Zayn every time she talks up another lad?

Fellow Little Mixer, Jesy Nelson, has had her own trouble with fans and photographers and she had her say on the video too: “I just think that sometimes people can forget that you’re a human being.”

Louis can be seen in the video grabbing photographer Karl Larssen and wrestling him to the ground after touching down in LA with Eleanor on Friday night.

Louis’ lawyer Martin Singer says it was all the photographer’s fault.

“The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis. While the altercation was going on, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend and he came to her defence.”

The official arrest record states Louis was eventually released from custody at 1.32am on Saturday and was let off paying £16,000 bail. He’ll be back in court on March 29.

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Louis might think he’s a trailblazer with his airport ruckus but who remembers Bjork’s infamous attack on a reporter in Bangkok? Sorry Louis, the Icelandic legend can do airport fights like nobody else.