People are calling for pub-goers to boycott Wetherspoons

They aren't happy

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Wetherspoons is the target of a social media campaign for people to avoid its pubs.

Pubs and bars can open from today as long as they stick to certain rules.

But many are still angry over the way the chain treated staff during the pandemic.

Relaxation of lockdown rules means that Wetherspoons pubs like this one are free to open (Credit: Cover Images)

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It all started when prime minister Boris Johnson announced that all pubs should close.

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin sent out a video message to his staff in response.

In it, he said they might face delays in getting paid – and told them he understood if they wanted to get supermarket jobs instead.

He added that no one would receive any money until the government loan came through.

Staff protested about pay and conditions two years ago (Credit: Splash News)

Wetherspoons open again

The company got a £48 million payout from the government.

It is now open again thanks to relaxed lockdown rules.

But some are angry that Wetherspoons is opening its doors and making money again despite the way staff were treated.

One wrote on Twitter: “Remember If you go to a pub today or tomorrow, make SURE it is NOT a Wetherspoons.”

Another tweeted: “As pubs open today for the first time in months, please please please remember how Wetherspoons treated its staff during a PANDEMIC and if you do go to a pub, make it a local independent one, not a ‘Spoons #SpoonsBoycott #NeverSpoons.”

Yet another compared the bailout to the situation in the arts industry. They wrote: “The fact the government have given Wetherspoons a £48 million grant when the owner is literally a billionaire but won’t give a single [pound] to the performing arts/ live music industry is disgusting.”

Pubs like this one in London can now open to the public again (Credit: Splash News)

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Price hike

The chain also reportedly put its prices up for what is now being called ‘Super Saturday’.

However, not everyone was in favour of a Wetherspoons boycott.

Many took to social media to share their positive experiences.

One dissenter wrote on Twitter: “A couple of weeks ago there was plenty of sanctimonious sneering at people shopping in Primark. Today, I’m seeing the same sentiment against people drinking in Wetherspoons.

“Why do so many who claim to speak for the working classes despise working class culture so much?”

Another pub-goer said he was enjoying being back – although social distancing didn’t sound all that strict.

“Only ‘restriction’ is that they ask you not to queue at the bar….brilliant service and mates can huddle together as normal,” he wrote.

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