Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha urges followers to obey Government advice amid coronavirus

He says if you don't you 'send friends and family to an early grave'

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The Chase star Paul Sinha has taken to Twitter to urge people to obey Government advice on social distancing and self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The quiz expert said if we don’t, we’re “consigning friends and family to an early grave”.

The trained medical doctor turned quiz guru has been regularly posting advice during this difficult time and is getting increasingly frustrated at people’s reluctance to follow guidelines.

Paul Sinha took to Twitter to give coronavirus advice (Credit:

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He wrote: “Social Distancing. Self Isolation. It’s the only way we are going to get through this.

“If you’re stubbornly refusing to practice this in any way, you’re doing a great job in consigning friends and relatives to an early grave.”

As well as those who agreed with him, several people people questioned his words with one asking: “What about those who have to go to work?”

Paul responded: “I did choose my words carefully. ‘In any way.’ I know full isolation is not an option for many.”

Another follower told him: “Maybe rethink this. Too Much,” which Paul responded to with: “It really isn’t. And I chose every word very carefully.”

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Hitting back at people criticising his tweet for being over the top, Paul wrote: “I was never more than an adequate doctor. But many of my med school friends are national and global experts.

“It’s now my duty to use my position to let people know their advice. I make no apologies for the bleakness of their advice. Disagree, but the odds are not in your favour.”

Paul also pointed out that he also affected by the coronavirus restrictions.

He said: “I wanted to tour my new show. I wanted to do New Zealand again. I wanted to take my Dad out for his 80th. Now all I give a [expletive] about is that people don’t kill people by refusing to listen. ”

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The Emergency Coronavirus Bill was announced today (Thursday, March 19) with sweeping new measures such as shutting down the country’s port facilities and airports and handing the police powers to detain those suspected of having the deadly flu-like bug.

The new legislation will be limited to two years and cover everything from the NHS and social care to schools, local councils, funerals, courts, police and the UK’s Border Force.

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, will have the power to ask ports and and airports to close temporarily and suspend their operations in the event of the Border Force being short staffed.

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