Paul O’Grady’s tears at death of his beloved dog Louis

He had to be put to sleep

Anyone who’s seen an episode of For The Love Of Dogs knows how much Paul O’Grady adores his four-legged friends.

And they’ll understand the pain that any dog lover goes through when they lose a furry companion.

The adored TV host has opened up about his grief at losing his dog Louis recently.

In a new interview with the Express at the weekend, Paul was asked about the last time he cried.

He replied: “When my dog, Louis, was put to sleep recently after he had a stroke. I’d had him for 14 years.”

Paul and some pooch pals for a For The Love Of Dogs publicity snap (Credit: ITV)

Such heartbreaking news.

In a piece with the Telegraph last month, the TV presenter spoke about all his pet pooches.

“I’ve got six dogs now: Louis, the eldest, followed by Olga, Bullseye, Eddie, Boycie and the latest addition, Conchita.”

Paul is currently back on TV each Thursday night with a new series of For The Love Of Dogs.

He gave his legions of fans a fright last week as he revealed that he had collapsed and been rushed to hospital while filming.

The Cheshire-born star collapsed after picking up an infection from wounded dogs in India.

O’Grady has made no secret of his passion for dogs (Credit: ITV)

The Blind Date host told The Mirror: “[The dogs] had been bitten by rats and there were maggots in them. I must’ve touched my mouth with my hand, and I started vomiting at five in the morning.”

Arriving at hospital, he was told by doctors that he was at risk of suffering kidney failure – but luckily, they were able to save his life.

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The veteran star has had three heart attacks (Credit: FameFlynet)

And having previously suffered three heart attacks, the veteran entertainer claims that he’s living on borrowed time.

He continued: “I used to think I was invincible, but now I’m running out of lives. I’m not scared of death at all… It’s the way you die that worries me — that’s the fear.”

But to allay everyone’s fears, Paul has appeared on This Morning in the past fortnight, looking happy and well.