Paul O’Grady reveals what he definitely WON’T be doing this Christmas Day

We can't blame him!

Paul O’Grady has earned himself a prime-time slot on Christmas Day telly with his For The Love Of Dogs show – but, unlike the rest of us, he won’t be tuning in.

It’s definitely not how he wants to be spending he big day.

He’s admitted: “My family will put For the Love of Dogs on but I have to go and sit in the kitchen while they watch.”

Life’s too short to watch yourself on telly! (Credit: FameFlynet)

The 62-year-old won’t be sitting back to watch perfection at work on chefs’ shows either this festive season.

“No offence to Mary Berry or Nigella but I won’t be watching them, I don’t really want to see someone making mince pies in an immaculate kitchen in an air of calm.

“Not when it’s sheer bedlam at my house and the place will get trashed!”

The legendary comedian will find space for some TV funnies today, though, and will be settling into the sofa for 300 Years Of French & Saunders on BBC One.

French and Saunders get Paul’s seal of approval (Credit: BBC)

“French and Saunders, that’ll be good, I like Dawn and Jennifer,” he added.

The TV fave is especially looking forward to Christmas this year, as it’s his first as a married man. He wed ballet dancer Andre Portasio, 37, in August, after a decade together.

He told The Mirror: “This is our first Christmas married. I’m looking forward to it. Getting married has been good. So much has happened this year.

Paul is the cook at Christmas (Credit: Wenn)

“Normally I can take or leave Christmas but this year, because the grandkids are coming, it will be great.

“I do all the cooking. I’m like the cook in Alice in Wonderland. I’m like a maniac, chucking pepper everywhere.

“We all have a drink. It’s lots of fun.”

We bet it is – if we could make a wish to spend the day at one celebrity’s house, Paul would definitely be top of our list!

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