Paul Burrell comes out in the BEST way

We thought he was out already!

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Okay, so this shocker wasn’t necessarily all that surprising.

But Princess Diana’s former butler and occasional reality star Paul Burrell has come out as gay.

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However, he has done so in a spectacular way!

No, he hasn’t bothered with the old tired and tested method of taking to YouTube or doing an oh-so-serious-interview with Piers Morgan.

Instead he has simply announced that he’s getting married next spring to his lawyer boyfriend Graham Cooper in an intimate ceremony in the Lake District.

The not-so-shocking news comes just nine months after he told the world that he and his wife Maria of 32 years – with whom he has two sons – were divorcing.

Their divorce wasn’t a shock either as the pair had been living apart for many years.

Paul was running a flower shop in Farndon, Cheshire while Maria, 62, was sunning herself in Florida.

Paul’s sexuality apparently is no surprise to any of his tight ring of friends – although Princess Diana was the first person he confided in.

“Paul’s friends and family all know but for a long time he kept it a closely guarded secret,” a snitch with an itch told the Sun.

“And for a time, literally nobody knew. He did share it with Diana while he worked with her because they were so close.

“But at the time she was the only woman he felt he could tell.”

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It is still unclear just how long Paul and Graham have been together but they were both listed as directors of a company back in 2011.

They were also pictured together in 2014 at the Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast, in Missouri, US.

Their intimate wedding takes place in April and will be attended by his beloved sons Alex, 27, and Nick, 24.

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