Patsy Kensit’s shock new way of meeting a man!

Even celebs try to find a date like the rest of us!

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We all know how hard it is to find a date in this modern world.

But just imagine how hard it must be for a celeb, who has to deal with finding someone who likes them for them and not their fame and fortune.

Well like most of us, even stars desperate for date turn to social networking apps like Tinder.

And believe it or not the absolutely gorgeous Patsy Kensit has signed up to the dating app in the hopes of finding Mr Right.

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Bearing in mind she’s been married four times already – Dan Donovan, Jim Kerr, Liam Gallagher, Jeremy Healy –  you’d think she’d have no problems finding a man!

But we guess, as she has been married FOUR times, it means she’s not exactly great at picking men who are going to stick by her.

So it comes as no surprise that she has now opted for a very modern way of snagging a date. Tinder.

This week a profile claiming to be Patricia has appeared on the app using filled with her pictures.

It’s still not been confirmed that it’s actually her profile, but if it is, we wish her well as she has said in the past she is a hopeless romantic and just wants to find love.

“I have to say I am a hopeless romantic,” she’s said.

“I truly am. I do believe in love and still believe in love and I shall continue to do so.”

This very public attempt to find a man is a surprise move for Patsy, 49, who recently admitted she still struggles with her self-confidence and was hurt by peoples nasty comments about her weight.

“A woman’s approval means so much more to me than a man’s these days.

“When I turned 30, I went up from 7-and-a-half stone to 11-and-a-half stone, and it became a national obsession to get a picture of me.

“They called me ‘Fatsy Patsy’ and ‘Patsy Scoffs-It’. It could have given me agoraphobia.”

She said in another interview with eh Mail, that as she approaches 50 she is at a very happy time of her life.

‘I’m at a time in my life that’s proving to be really great,’ she said.

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‘Bring on 50! I’ve got girlfriends in their 30s who are panicking about getting older but the beauty of being in your 40s is that you stop caring. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me any more.

‘I spent way too many years worrying and wanting people to like me. I’m a very straightforward person, I don’t like drama, and I now feel very calm and happy.

‘I’ve learned that if I’m fearful or scared, I should face those things head on. I’ve learned so many lessons over the years.’