Patsy Kensit hits back at newspapers over sly body shaming tactics

The actress defiantly attacks those surprising trolls who have attacked her about her appearance

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Patsy Kensit – we salute you!

The actress has bravely stood up for celeb women and real ladies who have been attacked and made to feel uncomfortable about their bodies in a tweet that is both defiant and utterly brilliant.

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Before we explain why she did what she did, let us give you a little background on why she was so upset.

We live in a rather nasty little world where some mean-spirited folk are hunched over a computer scrutinising famous women’s bodies and weight.

Of course, in this day and age, it’s just not cricket for someone to outright say “look, she’s gained weight” so these professional trolls are clever with their use of vocabulary.

So instead of saying “oh look, she’s piled on a few pounds”, they’ll say something like “curvy” or “bubbly” or “unrecognisable”.

Some media outlets pretend they are celebrating their targets, using headlines like, “We’ve Put Weight On – Deal With It” alongside pics of celebs looking bigger than previously.

While it might appear that they are being right on and pro-women, what they are actually doing is poking fun at the ladies in the pictures and using the most unflattering pictures of them for readers to laugh at or criticise.

But Patsy Kensit has seen through it and decided to fight back!

This week she was described by two online news sites as looking “unrecognisable from her glamorous self” as she walked in the street “dressed down” and “make-up free”.

One wrote: “Wearing her hair scraped back in a bun, and holding on to her phone in one hand, the star appeared relaxed as she strolled past cameras.”

In other words, they were really saying Patsy looked a bit rough and far from the glamour queen we all know her as.

When Patsy Kensit saw the stories, she saw red and went ballistic posting a picture of herself in a car declaring: “No filters no tweaking this me.”

She also angrily posted a reassuring message to other women who are sensitive about their bodies and said: “And to all the women out there who feel a daily battle to be a size 10 & feeling body shamed. I’m happy to take the hit for us all.”

Patsy also uploaded a picture onto Instagram of her working out in the gym, with the words: “This is how most people look when they have done a 2 hour cardio so before you dig me out for being a real person and looking like [bleep] when I exercise mr creep with your📷following a woman around… I’m real my life is real hair makeup and styling aren’t required for a run…. and what a waste of your time!!! No one cares.. go follow someone famous…🖕”

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Patsy has openly discussed her battle with weight over the years.

“Up until the age of 30 I could eat whatever I wanted, I mean literally I never put on a pound, if anything I was criticised in the media for being too skinny,” she said.

Then – like many women as middle age approaches – the weight gain came, and it was harder to shift…

“I spent the next two or three years training like an athlete cutting out this cutting out that, I so focused on getting the weight off.”

We love you, Pats.