Parents of two-year-olds charged £1 per minute for late collection from pre-school

Penalties introduced at Oasis Academy Limeside

As if sending our kids to school isn’t an expensive enough business, now one establishment is attempting to charge parents for being late picking up the little darlings.

Oasis Academy Limeside has warned mums and dads that they will be fined £1 for EVERY MINUTE they arrive late.

Parents were issued with a letter warning about the penalties on Monday.

Further, the school warned that consistent lateness could result in children losing their places!

The letter was given to the parents of TWO-YEAR-OLDS who attend one of two sessions at the academy’s unit for pre-schoolers  – morning or afternoon.

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Bosses at the school said parents who arrive late after the morning sessions eat into the staff’s lunchtime, and leave them with less time to prepare for the afternoon.

The full letter states:

“Important: The unit needs to close between sessions in order for staff to have their lunch and prepare the classroom.

“When children are collected late staff have less time to prepare for the afternoon session. A charge of £1 is payable for every minute you are late to collect your child.

“Continuous late collections will result in your child’s place being withdrawn. Thank you.”

The unit looks after 20 children.

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According to Limeside’s website, the unit’s philosophy is to provide a stimulating, caring environment, where each child can develop the confidence, independence and new skills they need.

“Working in partnership with their families,” it says, “we aim to provide a range of activities to enhance each child’s growth, learning and development.

Principal Helen Arya (Credit: YouTube)

According to Metro, Oasis Academy Limeside Principal Helen Arya explained in a YouTube video: “Our pre-school staff run two separate sessions, one that ends at 11.45am and one that begins at 12.15pm.”

It seems, given that short window, every minute counts – and costs!

ED has approached the academy for comment.