Loose Women panel left hysterical after Kaye Adams’ naughty quip

It all got a little X rated

The Loose Women panel were left crying with laughter over a risqué joke made by Kaye Adams – all over a candy engagement ring.

It started with a proposal.

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While discussing a trend for x-rated wedding photos, Kaye commented that, as she intended to live for 365 years – referring to an earlier segment – perhaps one of the many marriages she’d have in that time would be with a woman.

Nadia jokingly proposed to Kaye. (Credit: ITV)

Jumping at the chance, Nadia Sawalha decided to propose – using a jelly ring she happened to have handy, conveniently placed in a small jewellery box.

“I’m so glad you said that, Kaye” she said, leaving her seat and crossing the studio to join Kaye.

“As you’re such a great friend, when we’re like 70, because you’re so brilliant at washing up, and I’m such a fabulous cook, will you marry me? When we’re 70.”

Nadia got down on one knee, and produced the ring.

Kaye accepted the ring saying, “When we’re 70? 80?”

The newly “engaged” Nadia celebrates. (Credit: ITV)

The two agreed that 80 was the time to get married, and Nadia celebrated, flinging her arms in the air and yelling “I’m engaged, everybody,” before returning to her seat.

Kaye made a salacious quip about the jelly ring (Credit: ITV)

As she sat down, Kaye took the jelly ring back off her finger, and an epic Loose Women moment was born as she said, “Nadia, I never thought I’d say this to another woman, but can I eat your ring?” before popping the candy into her mouth.

The women were breathless with laughter after the gaffe (Credit: ITV)

The women promptly fell apart, with Stacey Solomon dropping her head into her hands, and Nadia burst into laughter.

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Kaye herself covered her face with her hand as the full realisation of what she’d said hit her.

Andrea McLean tried valiantly to keep the show going, introducing the next segment, before she too cracked up.