Paddy McGuinness and wife Christine reveal moment they found out their twins were autistic

The couple have only recently made their children's condition public

Paddy McGuinness and his wife have spoken out for the first time on being parents to four-year-old autistic twins Penelope and Leo.

The comedian, 43, has said that it can very difficult to get any physical contact from Penelope.

Christine, 29, also explained that she was initially “angry” to learn about the children’s condition, but then adapted to their needs.

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The proud parents, who got married in 2011, also have a two-year-old daughter called Felicity together.

Talking about when they first found out, Paddy told The Sun: “We’d been to see a paediatrician and at the end she said quite casually, ‘I’m absolutely certain both the children have autism’.”

Christine couldn’t believe it: “I was so angry with her,” she said.

Adding: “How dare she say that about my children, having only seen them for a few hours?

“It was the first I’d ever thought of them having autism – even if, looking back, it was obvious.”

Looking back, it now makes sense to Christine as the signs were all there. She said: “When they were little they made funny noises and when they started to walk they were on tip toes.

“Their eye contact wasn’t brilliant they had very delayed speech, but the health visitor would say it was because they were twins.

“It’s only recently when I’ve looked at home videos and done research I’ve seen so many of the signs of autism were there but we didn’t realise.”

Paddy also said that they struggle with Penelope more than Leo.

He said: “I know if I am driving them to nursery and a particular parking space isn’t available, Leo probably won’t get out of the car.

“Penelope is the complete opposite to Leo. She’s much more emotional. Her autism is more moderate than Leo’s but we struggle with her more.

“She doesn’t like physical contact like a cuddle. She’s full of anxiety and prefers to play alone a lot, but doesn’t necessarily want to be alone.”

On July 2 Christine shared a poem to her twins on their birthday.

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“You are conquering your daily challenges, and I’m here to hold your hand, when [you’re] dealing with sensory overload, the quietest room sounds like a big brass band,” she wrote.

Finishing: “I love you unconditionally, and I will encourage you both to embrace your autism. Because you are totally unique and fantastically awesome.

“All my love always, Mummy.”