Owned! Piers Morgan shown up by adorable three-year-old girl

He took it on the chin to be fair

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Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan was put in his place by a three-year-old during Tuesday morning’s show.

Toddler Isabelle Solly was appearing on the ITV programme after she phoned 999 when her mother became ill.

Asked by Piers when she was turning four, Isabelle replied: “On my next birthday,” to the delight of GMB crew and particularly co-presenter Susanna Reid.

The former journalist took it all in his stride and laughed along. See, he is human!

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It’s not the most awkward encounter Piers has endured on the sofa of late. Last week he angered viewers of Good Morning Britain as he probed fitness and social media star Joe Wicks on the topic of his love life and mocked his healthy eating beliefs during the live broadcast.

Joe, otherwise known as The Body Coach, was on the couch to chat about helping to improve the way the nation approaches health and fitness as well as his best-selling Lean In 15 book and its follow-up.

Joe Wicks

Piers was first of all stunned that Joe has a monthly turnover of £1 million after becoming a real success in the online fitness world.

The host, 51, mocked the idea that children should eat broccoli after Susanna Reid asked Joe to “sell” the vegetable to children watching at home.

After Joe, 31, gave it his best shot, Piers encouraged children to “eat chicken nuggets” instead as broccoli is “disgusting”.

Joe seemed quite taken aback by Piers’ comments but even more so when the former newspaper editor then asked him about his love life.

Piers asked: “You’re making £1 million a month, you’re a good looking guy, you work out. How many women are beating a path to your door on an hourly basis?”

Good Morning Britain

Joe did not want to answer the question and appeared increasingly uncomfortable, while Susanna hinted that Piers is “jealous”.

Piers continued as Joe said: “I don’t like talking about girls… that stuff is private.”

He then revealed that he is seeing somebody, much to Piers’ delight, who then ended the interview segment by eating peanut butter on toast.

However, Piers did congratulate Joe for his massive success in recent years and said that he is “my kind of trainer” as he encourages short workouts and shares recipes for burgers.

Viewers watching Good Morning Britain at home found the interview “awkward” and “shameful” as Joe defended himself throughout the chat.

Some viewers suggested that Piers’ performance was down to a bout of jealousy.

However, some fans of the morning programme thought it was all rather amusing and harmless fun.