Ouch! X Factor act ditches partner to enter Big Brother house

The campy duo are no more, apparently

The X Factor duo Bratavio have never been quiet about wanting to appear in Celebrity Big Brother.

Bratavio became household names on The X Factor (Credit: ITV)

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From the moment they were kicked off the X Factor (in week one), they were telling anyone who would listen that they wanted to follow in the footsteps of Lord Rylan of Reality.

Rylan went from X Factor to CBB (Credit: ITV)

And now it seems their dreams have come true.

Well, kinda.

For one, it won’t be the two of them entering the Big Brother house, it will be just one of them.

And secondly it won’t be CBB, it will be the civilian series.

According to reports, Bradley Hunt is set to enter the house next week and has ditched his mate Ottavio Columbro to do so and lap up the limelight.

Bradley’s ditched his bandmate (Credit: Mr Showbiz)

Apparently the split might not have been very friendly as Brad has been telling everyone that he has left his mate behind.

“Bradley’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s been signed up by this series of Big Brother,” a snitch has told the Sun Online.

“But when people have asked him about Ottavio he’s tried to change the subject and said it’s got nothing to do with him.

Bradley has supposedly been telling everyone he’s ditched Ottavio (Credit: Instagram)

“Bradley wants to get back into the limelight and would do anything to get people talking about him again.”

“The boys are real opinion splitters – but ultimately they just want to have a good time.

“During their time on The X Factor they had the whole nation talking about them, and that’s what bosses are hoping will happen when Big Brother comes back.”

As the housemates are in hiding Bradley hasn’t posted on social media but the boys’ official Bratavio account has and has been retweeting people’s comments about BB.

He even said “WTF” in response to the Sun story, although whether that means he thinks the story is rubbish or that he’s still with Bradley remains to be seen.

Bratavio is posting on line – so isn’t in hiding (Credit: Instagram)

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Big Brother kicks off on Monday and is said to feature pairs – which makes Ottavio’s lack of appearance all the odder.