Ouch! Soap fans ridicule Emmerdale’s rivals

Viewers left agog by Emmerdale pile up!

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Wow! We’re still trying to calm ourselves down after watching what must be some of the most exciting and dramatic scenes we’ve ever seen on Emmerdale – or any soap for that matter.

And TV fans would seem agree, with many taking to social media in the wake of last night’s motorway pile up to tell EastEnders cast and crew that they shouldn’t expect to win any gongs next year.

Cheeky viewers couldn’t help but poke fun at the soft storylines EastEnders had served up to compete with Emmerdale’s week of devastation.

If you didn’t see last night’s action packed episode of the Yorkshire set drama, a handful of the characters’ lives hung in the balance after a nasty motorway pile up which was set off by deranged Emma Barton.

During a frosty exchange on a footbridge, Emma pushed her ex hubby over the edge, sending him crashing into the windscreen of Ashley’s passing car. This subsequently kicked off a chain of horrifying events which saw several characters left for dead after they cars smashed into each other.

Meanwhile over in Albert Square, there was car drama of a different kind. In a nail-biting episode,  viewers were on their edge of their seats as they waited to discover if Kim Fox passed her driving lesson. Tense stuff, right?

Soap fans couldn’t help but compare them on Twitter.

@Behlul_official said: On Emmerdale loads are dead after a motorway pileup-crash. Meanwhile on EastEnders, they’re still banging on about Kim’s driving test.

@happyhammer68To all Coronation Street and Eastenders stars…….stay at home for this years TV awards, Emmerdale will be sweeping the board! #emmerdale

@pickamixem Emmerdale is having some it’s greatest scenes this week and eastenders main storyline is Kim not doing a driving test

@theMusicCounsel #Emmerdale Done a lot better than #eastenders  this week. Bit more drama than Kim shunting into dot at 5mph.

Meanwhile @gorbalsgoebbels suggested how the rivals could compete in next year’s awards suggesting some rather outlandish storylines such as ‘Ebola in Albert Square?’ or a ‘Meteor strikes Rovers Return?’ Hmmm…. Never say never, eh?

Tune in to tonight’s Emmerdale to see who manages to survive what must be soap’s greatest disaster since the Emmerdale plane crash of 93! It promises to be a corker.