Ouch! Holly Willoughby snaps back at celeb after dumb blonde remark

She might look innocent, but don't mess with her...

Holly Willoughby showed off her feisty side on This Morning during a very interesting debate on the term ‘Essex girl’.

The presenter was NOT impressed with comments from Life On Marbs star Danni Levy.

The reality star said she didn’t mind the fact that the term became recognised in the dictionary which describes women from the county as ‘unintelligent, promiscuous and materialistic’.

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A campaign has even been set up to change the definition in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Danni thought people should just ‘get over it’.

“We don’t say, “Oh look at that Essex girl, that dumb Essex girl. The term dumb blonde is in the dictionary but Holly, are you going to campaign against it?” she asked.

‘Well hang on a minute…’ Holly replied laughing awkwardly.

Danni also said that she thought the use of the term helped to ‘put Essex on the map.”

“I am so surprised that these ladies are campaigning to get it changed,” she said.

“People like Amy Childs, Gemma Collins, they are pop culture icons. We don’t look at them and say, “look at that Essex girl, that dumb Essex girl”.

“It’s not derogatory and you can’t change it.”

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Holly retorted: “I think you can.”

Danni said: “I would go as far as to say the term Essex girl has put Essex on the map, it’s given rise to show’s like TOWIE and people like Amy Childs, Gemma Collins have become pop culture icons.”

Pop culture icons?!

She then added: “Why should you have to prove that you’re intelligent, just because you’re blonde?”

“I don’t think I do,” Holly snapped back.

During the show, the cameras went over to Ferne McCann, who had her say about the topic and confirmed that she had signed the petition to redefine the term.

“I used to be embarrassed to say I was from Essex,” she said.

“I think it’s awful and wrong. I am proud that I am an Essex girl and I think the definition should be changed.

“I think it’s cool that ‘Essex girl’ is in the dictionary. You don’t get ‘Manchester girl’ or ‘Devon girl’. They’ve just got the wrong definition.”

What do you think?

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