OPINION: Why Love Island’s delicate Camilla is the antidote that grubby reality TV DESPERATELY needs

She's the nation's First Lady (of throwaway television!)

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If someone had told us that the stand-out star of Love Island would be a ‘posh bird’ with a degree and a proper job who played hard to get with the fellas, we would have laughed ’em out of town and flicked over to Ex on The Beach pronto.

But in a weird reality twist, that’s exactly what’s been served up by ITV2’s summer juggernaut.

Normally the lads and lasses on Love Island are a bit brash and brassy (credit: ITV )

When the show kicked off three weeks ago we totally expected to see a rerun of last year’s hit show featuring a villa packed with beefcake himbos, glamour girls and eager beavers all primed and ready for a spot of on screen nookie.

However, this year something changed. Camilla happened.

Yes, gorgeous, butter-wouldn’t melt-in her mouth Ms Thurlow.

Camilla walked into the villa and the nation thought she’d walked into the wring the place. (Credit: ITV)

Well spoken, articulate and brainy enough to know what feminism is.

She’s also impressed us by being achingly shy and coy when it comes to those reality staples of snogging and sex.

While most of the other couples have either swapped enough saliva to fill a swimming pool or engaged in a spot of how’s your father, our Cam has painstakingly fretted over any form of intimacy. And we have loved her for it.

Just the idea of her barely brushing lips with dopey Jonny sent her mind spinning. And ours too, as we wondered, “Hey love, what the hell are you doing on Love Island?”

We swooned when she shyly kissed Jonny during a game of Truth or Dare (credit: ITV)

Hardcore Love Island fans initially dismissed her as a wishy washy wet mop, most likely because she was nicely spoken, didn’t plaster her face with slap and didn’t look like she was gagging for a bit of sausage.

But the more discerning viewer understood that what we had here amidst this poolside mist of hairspray and testosterone was a lady with morals, opinions and class. Not only that, she came with a royal seal of approval, thanks to a certain ginger prince!

But as the series trundled along an amazing thing happened. The nation fell in love with her.

Yes, against all the odds even the meat and air heads who idolise car crash gals with Double E cups, single digit IQs and sink plunger lips soon caught on to just how adorable sweet Camilla actually was.

Even the doubters soon fell in love with the gorgeous and super cute Camilla (Credit: ITV)

This shift proved that reality shows don’t have to be filled with vacuous Barbie dolls!

So why have we all taken the oh so delicate princess to our hearts?

It’s simple really. She’s just like us.

While we know that beneath all their layers of make up and hair extensions her villa mates are probably just as insecure and unsure about themselves, Camilla wears her heart on her tattoo-less sleeve and flaunts her vulnerability like the other girls flash their mighty boobs!

When Camilla cries, we cry (credit: ITV)

She vocalises everything we’ve ever thought and actually questions her actions instead of blindly throwing herself in at the deep end.

Her on-now-off relationship with Jonny has also helped in part to make her the nation’s sweetheart.

Watching her lose the man she had taken so long to trust to ‘model’ Tyla – a pleasant but ultimately bland lass with the looks of a Let Your Head Go-era Victoria Beckham and the insipid vocal tones of Amy Childs – was truly heart breaking.

Boo hiss – Tyla has wooed Jonny away from Camilla (credit: ITV)

When she selflessly gave Jonny the opportunity to explore Tyla’s avenues we viewers asked ourselves whether we would be as gracious – er, probably not. And then when Jonny proceeded to slobber all over his new prey, who didn’t want to jump into their telly boxes and rip the snogging pair apart?

Oh well, Camilla will get over Jonny. He was never quite right for her anyway, in spite of his immaculate stubble and bristly chest.

He’ll realise his mistake that soon enough, when the novelty of Tyla wears thin.

Hopefully when he does realise, Camilla will be in the muscular arms of another, far more suitable guy and then he’ll know exactly what he’s lost.

However, looking at the latest bunch of Love Island fellas we’re not sure she’ll find her Prince Charming just yet.

Camilla we have you back (Credit: ITV)

Whatever happens Camilla has the love and support of the Love Island viewers behind her and we will continue to enjoy the show through her eyes.

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