OPINION: Stop beating this poor woman with the b***h stick!

Why we need to stop using the Girls Aloud star as a punching bag

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Everywhere you look these days, there’s some irritating busybody trolling away at anything they fancy taking an aim at.

Trolling, if you’re not familiar with the word, is when empty vacuous people who have little to offer the world in terms of knowledge, wisdom or wit think it’s a hoot to poke fun at innocent victims.

They are the people who spend all their time hunched over their tablet or computer, targeting and demolishing anyone in the world they feel inferior to.

In short they are nasty little pieces of work, who you wouldn’t wee on if they were on fire.

So, with this in mind… On to this week’s ‘Troll Watch’…


Dame Sarah Harding, the much loved, former wild child of iconic pop group Girls Aloud, has been well and truly walloped with the b***h stick following a series of shambolic performances as Molly, in the touring show of Ghost.

According to gleeful gossipers, her acting skills were not exactly what you’d call Oscar worthy, while her singing – her day job for God’s sake – left a lot to be desired.

Okay, even Sarah will admit that she’s no Whitney Houston, but we know well and good that she has a great voice.

We heard it for ourselves way back when on Popstars The Rivals.

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When it comes to acting… well, perhaps it’s not a discipline she’s mastered, but she wasn’t all that bad on Corrie.

So we can’t imagine her being totally dreadful.


Besides, aren’t all actors in musicals always a little bit shouty and wooden at the best of times?

So come on folks, lets give Sarah a break. For the past few years she’s become a bit of a punching bag for trolls to lay into.

And it’s truly dreadful.

Sarah is a lovely, enthusiastic woman who wants to try everything and succeed.

And although she may have always been seen as a booze-swilling tank grrrrl , she is actually far from it.

From my own personal of experience as a showbiz editor, I have always found her to be a gentle and occasionally fragile young woman, who only wants to please and to be appreciated.

(Andy Barnes/

She’s not flashy or arrogant or vulgar. She’s just a sweet girl.

So trolls, imagine how it must feel for her to be constantly bombarded with vile tweets criticising and poking fun.

No wonder she has stepped away from the show (though the official line is she is sick!). It’s not nice.

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Taking the lead in a musical brings with it a lot of responsibility, so imagine how poor Sarah must have been feeling as opening night approached.

No wonder, she was a bit shaky during her initial performances – I’d probably s**t myself if I were in her position too.

So come on folks, give the poor lass a break.

Enough of this negativity. There’s enough crap stuff happening in the world, so why do we have to start picking each other off.

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