Oops! Viewers are quick to point out big mistake on BBC Breakfast!

How do you spell 'gaffe'?

Eagle-eyed viewers took to social media over their toast this morning to point out an embarrassing gaffe on BBC Breakfast.

The daily current affairs show was airing a piece about Baby Boomers. According to the Office for National Statistics, more people than ever will have turned 70 during 2018.

As presenter John Maguire chatted with some of the 70-year-olds who’d made the news, stats about Baby Boomers were flashing up on screen.

The programme was looking at the lives of 70-year-olds (Credit: BBC)

But when it came to keeping fit, there was a problem.

Statistics were flashing up on screen (Credit: BBC)

Up flashed a stat saying how many Baby Boomers keep active.

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“78% excercise” it read.

Oops! That’s not how you spell it (Credit: BBC)

But of course, that’s not the correct way to spell exercise – and within seconds viewers were rushing to point out the mistake.

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“Please learn to spell,” begged one upset viewer.

“That’s not how you spell exercise,” another pointed out.

And one joker screen-grabbed the mistake, added a cross to show it was wrong and then added: “That’s very interesting @BBCBreakfast and out of interest how many exercise?”

Oh dear.

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