One Direction’s Niall Horan made Big Brother star realise he was gay

Housemate opened up about sexuality in candid chat

Big Brother’s Raph Korine knew he was gay after watching Niall Horan competing on The X Factor, he has revealed.

The psychology student, 22, admitted during a candid chat with housemates last night he kept wanting to re-watch One Direction popstar Niall’s performances during the seventh series of the show.

Raph was a bit mesmerised by Niall (Credit: Channel 5)

When asked to describe the exact moment he realised he was attracted to men, Raph said: “When I was watching Niall on X Factor.

Niall ‘interested’ Raph (Credit: FameFlynet)

“I remember watching and then watching to re-watch and I was very interested in him.

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“But when I was younger, as well, I wanted to be friends with certain guys, do you know what I mean?” added Raph. “But I didn’t ever conceptualise it. I’m sure I knew really when I was younger but it wasn’t, like, sexual, if you will.”

Raph also revealed his longest relationship ever had been just over two years, with a woman, which surprised some of the housemates.

“It was from when I was 14 and a half to 17,” he said. “Then I dated other guys for a year.”

It’s not the first time Raph, who studies at University of Exeter, has opened up about his sexuality and relationship history.

Raph admits he’s been a cheat often (Credit: Channel 5)

During a challenge earlier in the series, which tasked housemates with matching the salacious headline to the contestant, he was forced to admit to the housemates he cheated on multiple partners while exploring his sexuality.

“I dated three girls in high school and each time I dated a girl, I cheated on her with another guy to explore what it felt like to be with a guy,” he confessed.

“And then the one guy I dated in the United States, I cheated on as well.

“There’s nothing I can say to justify it.”

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A tearful and embarrassed Raph ended up being comforted by the women in the bathroom as he cried over having to re-live his infidelity.

Meanwhile, it was goodbye to Irish housemate Savannah O’Reilly last week, as she was given the boot in the latest eviction.

And just days before that, Big Brother kicked out Lotan Carter for aggressive behaviour.

But, as Rylan Clark-Neal said, Big Brother may “taketh with one hand and giveth with the other” as four new housemates were also introduced.

Rylan revealed fresh (ish) meat for the house (Credit: Channel 5)

Well, we say new… but they were actually four housemates who previously tried and failed to win a place in the house.

Andrew, Simone and Sue lost out to Tom as People’s Housemate on day one, while Sam missed his chance when the housemates chose Isabelle and Savannah over him later on.