One Direction to reunite for Grenfell Tower charity track?

What an awesome cause for them to get back together for, too

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One Direction could join a long list of singers recording a charity single to help raise money for the victims of the horrendous Grenfell Tower fire.

According to The Sun, Harry Styles and Niall Horan are currently jiggling their schedules around to make time for it and Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have already confirmed.

The single – a cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water – is expected to be recorded either on Sunday 18 June or Monday 19 June. It will also feature major names like Lily Allen, Stormzy, Rita Ora and Paloma Faith.

We may all be Cowell cynics but anything that raises money for Grenfell is a winner for us. (Credit: Wenn)

Singers are constantly adding themselves to the list though, with Robbie Williams, Leona Lewis and James Arthur all set to record lines on the track.

The project is being steered by Simon Cowell, who has a long-standing relationship with One Direction since the X Factor days and asked the boys to be on the single.

And while it’s being touted as a mini One D reunion, according to The Sun the boys would feature as solo stars – as they are currently on hiatus -and Liam would record his segment in the US.

Rita helping out with the efforts. (Credit: Instagram)

Cowell told Good Morning Britain that he had decided to do the single after believing it would be ‘appalling’, in his position, not to help. Correct, Simon.

“Until that last note has been finished, we will not be off the phone,” he told them on Friday. “We started 24-hours ago and already we’re getting calls coming in, mainly from Brits.

“A lot of London artists, people like Skepta, Stormzy, Emile Sande, The London Community Gospel Choir, all wanted to be involved.”

Cowell also talked about what an impact the tragedy had had on him personally.

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“I was watching the news and then I drove up to see the building which is only round the corner from me,” he said.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad things, and there, you know, not far away from where I was sitting, I just… it really dawned on you, honestly, it sent chills through me.”

“Seeing the building it made a big impact.

Once again proving her awesomeness. Well done Adele (Credit: Twitter)

“I think the thing that really hit home to me was when I was seeing that wall and I saw those messages and then when I saw how the residents immediately turned up with water and clothes and offers of shelter and everything else and that’s when I thought, I’m not just going to sit here and do nothing.”

Many celebrities have done work on the ground too, with Rita Ora spotted at the site handing out provisions and Adele also spotted down at Grenfell with her husband.

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As the tragedy has become increasingly politicised, many have spoken out to criticise the government and suggest it’s not done enough to help victims too.

“I don’t think £5million even touches the side,” said Paloma Faith after visiting the scene of the tragedy in West London.

Hopefully this single will help add a little more to the much-needed pot.

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