OMG! You’ll never guess which celebs are returning to Big Brother!

Who'd actually be brave enough to return to the house of horrors?

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Okay, so right now, the country is hooked to the current series of I’m A Celebrity, but we’re getting just as excited about the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The show, which starts in January, will see a handful of previous celebrity contestants return to the house and be joined by a whole new set of stars!

And names are slowly emerging.

Among the first of C-listers rumoured to be entering the house are the obnoxious Spencer Pratt and his plastic fantastic wife Heidi Montag.

They were the trashy US couple who found fame on reality show The Hills and caused havoc in the house during the Gold Stars vs New Stars series alongside Rylan Clark and Claire Richards.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, producers hope that Speidi will be as mischievous and antisocial as they were also time. If not more so.

A source close to the couple supposedly confided in the paper: “Spencer and Heidi are very competitive and they got so close to winning last time that they’re hell bent on coming out on top this time around.

“They’ve never quite lived down being beaten by Rylan. Last time they were not sure what to expect, but they’ve become big fans of the show since their stint in the House.

“And they’re sure they’ve devised the secret strategy that will see them win it.

“They will be even sneakier and more manipulative than last time, and won’t hesitate to throw anyone under the bus.”

Other names in the fray include Austin Armacost and Katie Hopkins and it’s believed that Stephen Bear is being sought after after he made everyone’s life a misery in this summer’s series.

But who would be in our dream line up?

Well, we’d love to see Vanessa Feltz return to the house, sixteen or so years after she lost it in the very first series way back when.

We’d also love to hear Jackie Stallone say once again those legendary words ‘Yeah, Jackie!’ and come face to face again the ghastly John McCruick and his whiffy grey undies.

We’d also have kittens if Jackiey Budden was invited back to the house, as it’d be a great way of marking her daughter and BB legend Jade Goody’s memory.

You may remember, the toothless mum joined Jade and then boyfriend Jack in the CBB series in 2007, which saw Jade’s career implode after she was accused of bullying and little has been seen of her since Jade passed in 2009.

The excitement is almost too much for us! We’ll just have to wait until January to find out if the rumours are true.

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