OMG! Is this the creepiest celebrity Halloween makeover ever?

This controversial star has really gone for it this time!

This is what nightmares are made of!

Some people push the boat out when it comes Halloween but many don’t go as far as US reality TV star Courtney Stodden.

She has taken killer clowns to a new level with some horrific makeup (or very skilled, depending on how you view it).

Courtney has topped it off with some simple black tape… to cover her topless body.

It is just the latest in the line of bizarre behaviour from the TV personality after she suffered a great personal loss.

Courtney Stodden announced the sad news of her miscarriage on Twitter last month but she has found a new way of coping with her loss.

In an Instagram post, Heidi Pratt’s friend has shared a video of her receiving the baby doll in the post.

Courtney captioned the clip: “Just received my reborn baby today.

“Exciting I know it may seem a little strange but my therapist suggested that having him may help me cope with my loss. #rebornbaby.”

The former Playboy bunny can be heard saying in the video: “Oh my God you guys look, this is amazing.

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“He’s so pretty oh my God, so beautiful, looks just like a baby.”

The blonde 21-year-old is seen walking up to the box at her door and says: “Oh my God look he’s here, baby’s here.”

The reborn baby also arrived with a birth certificate, making the experience appear all the more realistic for Courtney.

She opens the package and then says to her dog: “Look it’s your brother”

Wearing a pink wig over her freshly shaven hair, she looked like a doll herself with a pair of leggings and crop top on.

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Some people, however, found it really odd.

“Really bizarre and kind of sad,” a follower wrote.

Another said: “This is so strange.”

Others took her side and encouraged her to do what she can to cope.

“Let her live, damn. Nobody can dictate how someone copes with loss. Stop acting like your armchair diagnosis is better than a therapist’s,” said one person.

“Do everything what may help you in that loss… do not look what people say…(sic),” another added.

The Babies #rebornbaby #puppy

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She has since posted  a few pictures of her new doll, and her dog.

Courtney is still married to Doug Hutchison, the 56-year-old Green Mile actor, who raised a lot of eyebrows when they got married in 2011.

Courtney was just 16 when they tied the knot.