Olly Murs shocks fans as he ‘sticks penis in Pringles can to prank girlfriend’

Girlfriend Amelia got a nasty shock when she reached for a crisp!

TV star Olly Murs‘ latest Tik Tok prank has caused controversy after he managed to stick his manhood into a tube of Pringles.

The joke gave his girlfriend Amelia Tank a nasty shock when she went to reach for a crisp.

In the video, Olly cuts a hole at the bottom of a tube of Pringles.

He appears to hold it over his penis while Amelia is innocently watching telly.

When she reaches for a crisp, viewers see her having a good rummage.

However, it wasn’t long before the unimpressed bodybuilder model gets a shock.

What did Olly say?

Sharing the video on Instagram, Olly cheekily wrote: “Pringles now do a variety pack” with a laughing emoji.

Opinions were divided over whether the joke was funny or just plain disgusting.

“I saw the Olly Murs video when I was still half asleep and thought it was just a weird dream… unfortunately not,” one unimpressed fan wrote.

“Olly Murs, his joke was puerile yet funny, such a laugh,” someone else said.

Another follower added: “Still can’t get over Olly Murs and that Pringles tube. Need to wash my eyes with holy water.”

“You know world’s heading in the wrong direction when Olly Murs is sticking his old boy in a can of Pringles for likes,” someone else joked.

Sticking up for Olly, someone wrote: “If you find Olly Murs’ Tik Tok anything other than funny then you are a snowflake of the highest order.”

Someone else added: “How are people getting riled up about that Olly Murs video?!

“Why does EVERYTHING have to be a problem nowadays I don’t get it.

“If you’re so hurt by it don’t watch it but the man is literally doing nothing wrong.”

Olly’s Pringles prank is the latest in a long line of jokes played on his long-suffering girlfriend as they spend lockdown together.

Others have included throwing her in a swimming pool by her hair and waking her up by farting on her face and blowing a horn in her ear.

He apologised for throwing her in a pool, writing on Instagram: “Oops sorry babe you asked me to do the challenge.”

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