Olly Murs shocked after strangers offer harsh advice

Is this rude or very funny?

Many of us wouldn’t turn down the chance to sit next to Olly Murs, right?

The cheekie chappie has earned legions of admirers ever since he popped into our lives back on the sixth series of X Factor.

But it seems not everyone is a fan of Mr Murs.

Shocking, we know!

Instagram @OllyMurs
Olly chuckled about the incident on social media (Credit: Instagram @OllyMurs)

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The 33-year-old took to Instagram to reveal he’d been sent a note by strangers on a recent night out, explaining why they’d chosen to move seats and get AWAY from him.

Their reason? Apparently Olly had splashed on a bit too much cologne and it was rather suffocating. Oops!

The note read: “Just wanted to let you know that we moved our seats because of your cologne.

“It’s overwhelmingly strong. We thought you should know. You might want to rethink how it is used. Enjoy the evening.”

Instagram @OllyMurs
Funny or rude? (Credit: Instagram @OllyMurs)

Olly posted a grab of the note with the caption: “Do I smell that bad?!”

He added on Instagram Stories: “I don’t know if this is the funniest or rudest thing ever. I’m at dinner and two guys have just given me this note.”

Fans who have met Olly in person were quick to assure him that he smells great and they’d happily sit next to him.

Instagram @OllyMurs
The note in all its glory! (Credit: Instagram @OllyMurs)

One wrote: “Sit next to me any day of the week!! I’d cuddle up to ya lol xx when I’ve met you you’ve always smelt wonderful.”

Another said: “That’s a bit harsh! Sit next to me. I love a nice smell.”

And a third added: “Your aftershave smells really nice, when you come and meet us and give us hugs it stays on our clothes/coat for days after.”

Instagram @OllyMurs
Fans were quick to defend Olly (Credit: Instagram @OllyMurs)

Others said they’d rather someone next to them smelled of cologne than body odour.

“How rude..Rather have someone smelling nice next to me than someone smelling of BO any day… just kept smelling like you do,” one wrote.

Another agreed: “I’ve smelt cologne before and it is a powerful smell but I’d sit next to you all day as love it plus it is better than sitting next to someone with BO.”

Is Olly dating Mel Sykes? (Credit: Wenn/Joe)

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Meanwhile, in other Olly news, he’s found his love life making headlines recently.

It’s been claimed Olly and TV presenter Melanie Sykes, 47, have been secretly dating since the start of the year.

Neither Olly nor Mel has specifically addressed the stories, though, so whether this is a match made in heaven or something to be filed under ‘random rumour’ remains to be seen.

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