Olly Murs caught up in “scary” high-speed car chase

Being famous certainly isn't as glamorous as it seems!

Olly Murs has always been a cheeky chappy but the singer had a real scare after one fan decided to tail him in a high-speed car chase.

The singer was not expecting one fan to ever do that to him.

The Troublemaker star revealed exactly what happened when he was casually just driving through Manchester with his parents.

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Talking to Metro he said: “A girl waved at me, I opened the window, waved back, she screamed and stuff and then her dad turned into a psycho driver.

“They followed us through the whole city. It was quite scary.”

That sounds terrifying!

What’s more scary is that it looked like the car was willing to do anything to get close to him.

He said: “They were going through red lights, cutting up traffic – it was crazy.”


Luckily nobody was hurt.

The 32-year-old is actually quite used to dealing with enthusiastic fans

The star is quite used to dealing with enthusiastic fans though.

Amazingly, he revealed that he has to check his hotel rooms now just in case there isn’t a fan lurking in it…

Olly said that him and his mate Ben once walked into a  hotel room in Doncaster and found a lady sprawled across his bed!

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He added: “She wasn’t naked or anything. She was just like ‘Hi’. It was too weird.”

It sounds like Olly wanted her to be naked…

Maybe next time Ollz!

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