Olly Murs admits to ‘fling’ with Mel Sykes and says it was a SHOCK when it came out

He uses the word 'fling' an awful lot...

Their rumoured relationship has been the subject of gossip for months, and now The Voice coach Olly Murs has cleared up a few more of those Mel Sykes rumours.

Speaking to the Sun’s Fabulous magazine, Olly, 33, opened up about his ‘fling’ with 47-year-old Mel, and his ‘shock’ that it became public knowledge.

“Yeah… it was a shock when that came out because I haven’t seen Mel since May. We’ve had the odd text, but I’ve not seen her,” he told the mag.

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The interview comes just days after Olly was interrogated by Kelly Brook on Loose Women over his alleged romance with Mel.

When Kelly very directly asked him if he and Mel were an item, Olly was quick to quash any notion of a year-long relationship, telling the women:

“Mel’s amazing, we’re great friends, the rumours we were dating for a year is just not true.”

And he kept to his story in this latest interview with Fabulous – although conceded they DID have a fling.

“At the start of the year we had a bit of a fling, but that’s all it was,” he eventually admitted.

Their ‘fling’, he went on to explain, consisted of them going out “a couple of times” and having “a few drinks”.

“I wouldn’t say we were dating, but we get on well” he told them.

Olly went on to say that Mel came to see him on his tour, and that they had “a bit of a laugh” but that it was never anything serious.

So what about all those column inches devoted to their apparently burgeoning relationship? All wrong?

It would seem so…

“I read that we were supposed to be getting married and that it had been brewing for six years. Really?! If me and Mel were sat here now we’d both say it was never like that,” Olly said.

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Olly continued: “We’re mates. It was a brief fling, and if people think we’re getting married and having kids, then that’s one long-distance relationship,” he told the paper.

Which was a lot more than he admitted to on Loose Women, when he coyly told the panel that they only “might” have got it together…

“There might have been something, but listen… I’m not gonna talk about it… moving on!”

Which given how good they look together,  is all a bit disappointing really, isn’t it?

But we get it Olly, nothing to see here now…

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