James Jordan smiling and Ola looking concerned

James Jordan declares that he prefers wife Ola ‘when she’s thinner’ after weight gain

The pair recently showed off their 'mum and dad bods'

James Jordan has made a shock confession about wife Ola Jordan’s weight gain.

Last month, the couple – who were once Strictly Come Dancing professionals – uploaded a picture to Instagram.

After looking at it the pair revealed their shock at their “mum and dad bods”, with James and Ola admitting they were unhappy with the way they now look.

However, James’ latest comment will surely raise eyebrows…

Jame and Ola Jordan holding hands in the street
James and Ola Jordan are parents to daughter Ella (Credit: Splash News)

James Jordan on wife Ola and her weight gain

Since giving birth to daughter Ella, Ola has gone from 8st to 11st 7lb.

James, meanwhile, has put on a whopping 5st and is now 16st.

He admits he has a “massive gut” and said he calls it his “overhang”.

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James then addressed the fact that “Ola has put on weight too”.

I don’t get it when blokes lie to their other half, saying they look amazing, when they don’t think it in their head.

The Strictly dancer bemoaned the fact that he can’t lift Ola above his head any more, saying that he would “love” to be able to do it again.

He also addressed questions about whether he still fancies his wife now that she is heavier.

And he said that while “of course” he does, he would “prefer” her “smaller”.

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‘Does that make me a bad person?’

James told The Sun: “I will say I prefer Ola smaller. Of course I still love her and fancy her. It is what it is. She’s the one now that has taken the steps to speak out about it, so if she then asked me, thinner or ­bigger? I would say thinner.”

He then reflected on whether it made him a “bad person” – but it wasn’t something he dwelled on for long.

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“Does it make me a bad person? If it does, then I’m sorry but I think it makes me honest. I don’t get it when blokes lie to their other half, saying they look amazing, when they don’t think it in their head,” he said.

James did admit he doesn’t want to “upset her”.

However, he said that he’s saying it for “health reasons”.

More than that, he added that he knows it isn’t just Ola who needs to lose weight.

He said they “got into this position together” by bingeing on takeaways and crisps and “hopefully” they will “come out supporting each other”.

James and Ola Jordanon Strictly
James and Ola have gained weight since their time on Strictly Come Dancing (Credit: Splash News)

Does Ola love James’ ‘dad bod’?

Ola was also asked if she fancies James now that he’s bigger – so does his “dad bod” turn her on?

“Yes and no, because I think I love him the way he is, with his big belly, and then you watch Love Island with all the fitties coming in and you go: ‘Phwoar.’ But would I love it if he was fit again? Well, yeah,” she said.

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