Ohhhh! Which Loose Women star admitted she fakes it in the bedroom?

Viewers were left hot and flustered by the saucy lunchtime chat!

Oh those Loose Women… what are they like, eh? They’ll say anything to get a bit of tabloid coverage.

In yesterday’s show, the girls were having a chinwag about a very intimate subject – achieving an orgasm.

The chat was inspired by a new study which claimed that having an orgasm every day could make women happier and more likely to get a promotion.

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During the convo, ditzy Stacey dropped an uncharacteristic bombshell and revealed that she feels “disappointed” if she doesn’t have an orgasm during sex.

The frank admission left Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson and Jane Moore gobsmacked.

“I get it, it does make you feel good,’ Stacey said as they discussed the findings. “I can imagine going into a meeting a few hours later with a spring in my step.”

She added: “You need to know what you’re going for, in order to get it.”

But that wasn’t all. Talking about how she feels if she were left unsatisfied, she said: “By the time you get together and you’ve found the time to get intimate I’d be miffed. I got naked, shaved my legs and all for nothing.

“I’d be disappointed if I didn’t [have an orgasm]. I’d think I’ve done all that and for what?”

Blimey, we bet her boyfriend Joe Swash feels under pressure now! Poor fella.

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Meanwhile, Stacey’s co-star Linda admitted that she had – shock horror! – faked an orgasm with her husband Mark Dunford.

“Of course I do,” she joked. “To get it over with as quick as possible!”

But that wasn’t Stacey’s only confession of her day.

The former X Factor and Jungle star was also forced to deny that she was expecting a child with her boyfriend Joe.

When a fan asked a mate online if she thought Stacey looked pregnant, the pal agreed and said she had looked a lot rounder at a recent Smurfs screening in London.

But Stacey wasn’t having it and responded: “A girl can get away with 1 morning McDonald’s these days without getting TOLD she’s pregnant! Sorry to disappoint it’s a #SausageEggMcmuffin.”

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