Oh-oh! Lorraine Kelly is furious with bad girl Rihanna

Should we be as angry as Lorraine about RiRi's homage to her Madge?

We all know that smiley happy Lorraine Kelly is a TV goddess who brightens up our mornings every day.

But something has made her very angry indeed.

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And that person just happens to be one of the world’s biggest superstars.

And we think she has every reason to be a bit peeved!


You see, Lorraine Kelly isn’t happy about pop star Rihanna poking fun at our Queen.

Over the weekend, the great British public went ballistic when the feisty pop singer showed off another talent – photoshopping.

You the saucy pop strumpet isn’t just a brilliant singer, she’s also a dab hand at editing images.

And she demonstrated this new talent by editing the Queens head on to some of her more risqué outfits.

While many thought this was a laugh, royalists expressed their disapproval and slammed the singer for being disrespectful to Her Madge!

When she was shown the images on her show this morning, Lorraine couldn’t;believe her eyes.

Shrieked, “Oooooh! You can’t do that to the Queen! I’m sorry, that’s horrible. The queen is not happy.”

As they flashed up more images, Lorraine added: No no, no, I’m not having it! Make it stop!

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“I have to draw the line.”

When Dan Wootton reminded Lorraine that Rihanna is best mates with Prince Harry, Lorraine joshed, “Maybe not after this!”