Oh-oh! David Beckham’s done it again! Why????

The sexy hunk has added more etchings to his tasty body!

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Oh dear! Someone keep David Beckham away from tattoo artists – he just cannot be trusted!

The dad of four has just revealed a brand new etching – a pair of lovers on a swing – and by jiminy it’s a big ‘un.

Dave, 41, checked into to his favourite tattoo parlour the Shamrock Social Club in LA to get the work done.

And while it’s mighty fine piece of art, you can’t help but think – enough already!

This latest design follows an inking he got in August of a horse head on his chest, which creeps up toward his neck. Er…nice. (Not!)

Of course these aren’t his only tats! Among the many that decorate his lithe, lean bod, he has the number 99 on his finger to remind him (in case he could ever forget) of the year that he married wife Victoria and has ‘Pretty Lady’ etched above daughter Harper’s name on his neck to mark his daughter’s fourth birthday.

Ooooh, doesn’t it feel just like yesterday that he got his first inking, but in actual fact it was 1999, following the birth of his first son, Brooklyn. Since then he has added more and more body art to his gorgeous physique – including his sons’ names, designs and his weekly shopping list!

Although his tatts are not to everyone’s taste (though a hell of a lot better than that nasty rose bush on Cheryl’s butt), David says that they mark very important milestones in his life.

“Mine are all about the people in my life, my wife and sons, who I want with me always.

“When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about Victoria and the boys. They’re part of me.”

And even though he’s fast running out of space to add any more, he says he has no regrets about any of them – Johnny Depp style!

“I don’t regret any of them. They all have a meaning. I think that’s what’s important about tattoos, if they have a meaning you’ll never regret them.”

Yeah, Dave. Tell us that in twenty years when your moobs are hanging around your gut!