‘Oh for f’s sake!’ Chrissy Teigen mocks moms who humble brag about their kids

Model shared cheeky mommy blog post on Twitter

She may be a new mom who can’t resist posting photos and videos of her baby daughter on social media.

But Chrissy Teigen has little time for mothers who brag about their kids’ average achievements as though they are mini-geniuses.

On Friday the 30-year-old model shared a tweet from an article on the site Mommyish, which mocks parents who have perfected the art of the humble brag about their toddlers and babies.

The piece’s headline is, “Pretentious Parents Whose Kids Are Impressively Advanced.”

Chrissy – who gave birth to her daughter Luna back in April – tweeted: “Oh for f’s sake. One of my favorite pastimes is reading this STFUParents column – even before lu!”

And the article is hilarious. One of the Facebook posts the writer shared is one written by a mom known simply as “Theresa,” because her surname has been blocked out.

The eager mommy wrote: “I appreciate that my son is so intellectually gifted, but we’ve only been up for an hour – and I’m mentally exhausted, haha…

“As soon as he woke up, we had a discussion on evolution, gene mutation, Charles Darwin, the concept of good and evil, the color spectrum, and sound waves…holy cow!!!

“I have to find a good school for this kid, coming up…all I want to do is drink coffee, and putz around in the garden right now…he wants to discuss the genetic limitations of human-shape-shifting.”

But the Mommyish blogger is not buying it. In the post, the anonymous writer says: “If there’s one thing parents seem to agree on these days, it’s that their kids are gifted.

“Well, maybe not other people’s kids, but their own kids, for sure.”

The blogger goes on to say: “Much like animals who enjoy flaunting their prowess in the wild, parents are eager – sometimes too eager – to give themselves and their children props just for being capable, intelligent beings who can walk upright, eat food, use the bathroom, and know when to say ‘thank you.’

“Not that those aren’t worthy triumphs, but when parents choose to declare EVERY small victory as a massive success, it gets to be a little grating.”

When it comes to Chrissy she fills her Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts with behind-the-scene looks into her life with her daughter and musician husband John Legend.

This week that included an Instagram photo of baby Luna in the kitchen, in her mom’s arms, wearing a chef’s hat and Snapchat video of the little girl playing with one of the family’s dogs.

When one of her followers tweeted two screenshots of the footage to the model and the singer on Friday, saying: “What more could you ask for?” Chrissy simply responded: “Noooooothing!”

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