“Offended” Lily Allen savages Honey G!

Singer is no fan of the nation's favourite rap act

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Since she first appeared on The X Factor, anyone with ears has quite understandably questioned Honey G’s hardcore rap credentials.

Afterall, from what we have seen and heard of her so far, she doesn’t exactly walk like a rapper, talk like a rapper and we reckon she probably doesn’t even smell like a rapper.

And it would seem Lily Allen agrees.

In an interview with DJ Annie Mac on Radio 1’s The Exchange this week, the gobby singer let rip about the X Factor artist!

‘I’m not black, but I find it offensive,’ she said. ‘As far as I can tell, she is a white lady that dresses up in Ali G, Goldie Lookin Chain kind of attire.”

She added: ‘She has done really well on X Factor and ITV is pouring money into her. So wrong on so many levels, I can’t even start to talk about it.’

But maybe Lily needs to listen to Honey’s recently discovered rap songs from the past that, er, sort of prove that she is indeed a bona fide rap artist!

As we reported yesterday, in a song called Hush Your Mouth, Honey can be heard boasting about her sexual prowess, singing “they all know I’m legendary in the sack.”

What we didn’t mention is that in the same song she also chats about attacking a former lover: “I’m going to the top and you’re a flop. You’re gonna get shot, you’re gonna get clocked, you’re gonna get topped.”

Wow! Powerful lyrics!

But there’s more. In another track If There’s A Chance,  Honey can be heard talking about killing a former lover, smoking crack cocaine and – good grief – enjoying violent sex!

Yes, you read that right. Sex, drugs and violence. Hell, she’s just like a REAL rap star!

Not only does Honey rap about bedding other women – “I’ll put a love bite on her bum.” –  she also spits lyrics about drugs.

“I spent the whole of last summer smoking pot,” she raps. “I’ve always been the flirt type [but] you’ll never catch me smoking a crack pipe, Smacked it once then gave me eyes a wipe, That’s right I ain’t washing for you tonight.”

Also in the expletive-filled song Honey raps about the break down of a relationship and it’s clear that she’s far from a happy with her ex.

“We’ll be bigger than Jay Z and Beyoncé please by my fiancée. I’ll do anything to shut that little f***ing cow up.I know they got in a row about what they done. Say it once I say you better watch your back. Say it twice and I’ll stab you in your f***ing back.”

If Lily needs anymore proof that Honey is a hard-working, grafting rapper let us remind her that after “mixing for only 4 months” Honey made her first appearance at Club Abbyss in Ayia Napa and gained a residency at Gas club in the summer of 2000.”  She also “played at Insomnia which was filmed for channel 4” and “toured across the whole of the UK playing at various clubs in Manchester, Blackpool with EZ, Nottingham with Ms Dynamite.”

Impressed Lily? Course you are! Maybe we’ve been wrong to be so cynical about Honey all this time after all.

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