Ofcom to assess Emmerdale scenes after receiving complaints

Fans didn't like Robert's latest revenge plot

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Emmerdale is in trouble after shocked fans complained to Ofcom over scenes showing Robert Sugden in bed with his ex-father-in-law Lawrence White.

Lawrence was shocked when he woke up beside Robert. (Credit: ITV)

Robert’s on a mission to destroy the White family, even though his former sis-in-law Rebecca is pregnant with his baby. And Lawrence was his victim as the scheming Sugden put his latest sick scam into action.

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Robert opened up to sad Lawrence about his failed marriage to Aaron Dingle (sob!) and in turn Loz spilled his heart about losing his true love to a Belgian builder named Serge.

Lawrence is Robert’s latest victim. (Credit: ITV)

Rotten Rob plied Lawrence with booze and when he was completely blotto, helped him into bed. And then he dropped an empty condom wrapper on the side table, stripped off and climbed in too!

Robert dropped a condom wrapper on the side table. (Credit: ITV)

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When Lawrence woke up Robert announced they’d slept together and even accused confused Mr White of taking advantage of him in his heartbroken, drunken state. Nasty stuff!

But viewers weren’t impressed by the sleazy scenes and now Ofcom are investigating nine complaints about the sexual nature of the scenes, and also looking into worries about the non-consensual aspect of the storyline, despite nothing actually happening between Lawrence and Robert.

“We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate,” an Ofcom spokesperson told Digital Spy.

It’s not the first time Emmerdale has sparked controversy recently. Viewers also complained to the broadcasting watchdog over Emma Barton bullying little Arthur Thomas.

Fans didn’t like how Emma treated Arthur. (Credit: ITV)

And fans also reported the nasty storyline about Aaron suffering violence in prison, and about Rhona Goskirk’s brutal rape at the hands of her new husband, Pierce.

But in all cases the show was cleared of any wrongdoing.

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