OAP Jeremy Kyle guest accuses daughter of stealing her bedroom toy

The daughters denied their mother's accusations

The Jeremy Kyle Show is known for its bizarre stories but viewers weren’t expecting this one!

It all started pretty normally – well, by this show’s standards – when a guest appeared on Wednesday’s show accusing her daughters, Wendy and Alison, of stealing her £90 electric razor.

Wanting to find out the culprit the OAP made her daughters do the notorious lie detector.

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Talking to host Jeremy, Kathleen said: “I turned the house upside down.

“Two weeks later, whoever it was, came back and took the charger!”

But the show took a bizarre turn as she then went on to reveal her sex toy had gone missing – but later found it at Wendy’s house.


Jezza looked just as shocked as the audience and people watching from home.

Jeremy asked Kathleen’s partner Ken: “Kenneth?! Don’t look at the floor, you said a sex toy has gone missing. Well whose sex toy is it?”

Trying not to laugh the presenter added: “Let’s just rewind. You’ve got a sex toy, and it went missing. Where did you think it had gone?”

The sisters strongly denied stealing the razor – or the sex toy.

The lie detector revealed that Wendy and Alison were telling the truth and Ken admitted they “have a lot of grovelling to do” to make it up to the girls.

The whole discussion left a sour taste in viewers’ mouths.

Questioning why someone would want to use their parents’ aids, one wrote on Twitter: “Eww why would anyone take their mothers sex toy #JeremyKyle.”

“A missing sex toy and razor just when you think you’ve seen it all on. #JeremyKyle,” another tweeted.

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A third said: “Why would a daughter steal a sex toy from her mum #jeremykyle.”

One viewer questioned: “Who would steal a shaver and a sex toy #jeremykyle.”

You just never know what to expect from this show.

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