Not again?! Katie Price unveils yet another cosmetic procedure…

Warning: Extreme close-up shots within

We all know Katie Price is no stranger to the odd nip and tuck, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she is adjusting her body even more.

Pricey has been documenting her non-surgical bum lift with her fans and it seems she’s very happy with the results.

So happy, that she shared a snap of her derriere in the air while wearing some pretty pants!

Katie gushed over Shane Cooper, who’s been working on her backside, saying he was doing a “good job”.

The 38-year-old has six sessions left before her bum lift is complete.

The procedure supposedly works by removing fat non-invasively and drainage of the lymph glands as well as skin tightening.

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Sounds a bit disgusting, but it seems to be doing wonders for KP.

The belfie came a week after she first revealed she was undergoing the treatment with another shot of her rear end.

A the time, she reassured fans that she was “so pleased” with the results.

There’s more.

She even documented her session with a short clip, adding: “In the comfort of my home I have @shanecooperuk doing a non surgical bum lift #lip firm pro, my bum feels so good.”

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Some fans complimented Katie’s new bottom, saying things like “Nice bum,” and “Tremendous”.

While others have taken the opportunity to slam her for getting her body out again.

One wrote: “Disappointing. Not that you read this. But you’ve disappointed your fans. Sort you head out and stop !! I feel your pain and anguish!!! Bless you!! But if surgery makes you feel good,,, look at yourself!!! never works !!! Just a short term fix, bless you!!!!”

Some were quite harsh towards the former glamour model.

“This is what happens when u are famous for nothing. No talent,” one wrote.

Say what you like, but we don’t think Pricey cares!