Not dying yet! Hugh Hefner slams reports he is ‘super sick’

Playboy founder tweeted photo and joked about tabloid reports

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Hugh Hefner is not knocking on death’s door and he wants the world to know it.

The 90-year-old Playboy founder slammed Page Six reports that his weight has plummeted and he is so “super sick” that “his people” are trying to keep his condition “under wraps.”

As we reported earlier this week the New York Post claimed on Thursday that the situation was so bad, a source said: “You even have to sign a confidentiality agreement to up to see him.”

But now Hugh has come out fighting writing in a tongue-in-cheek Twitter post on Friday: “I wish the tabloids had informed me a little earlier in the week that I’m sick. I might have cancelled my weekend plans.”

He also posted a photo of himself looking hale and hearty with his wife Crystal Hefner, as they watched the classic western Shane at the Playboy mansion.

It is unclear when that photo was taken though as the 30-year-old model has been posting Instagram photos of herself out and about Paris, France, alone, without her husband in sight.

Hefner’s son Cooper, 25, also slammed Page Six’s story tweeting: “Apparently my Dad is ‘super sick.’ Based on the fact that I see or chat with him nearly every day that’s news to me #tabloidBS.”

In the original article, Hefner’s reps released a statement saying: “Hugh Hefner is fine.

“It is no secret that over the past few years he has suffered with back pain that has made it a bit more challenging for him to get around, but at 90 years of age he is enjoying his life and still very involved in the day-to-day activities of editing the magazine.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday in a post on her Instagram page Crystal made no mention or reference to her husband’s alleged illness.

Instead she thanked fans for being supportive of her after she revealed in the summer that she had her breast implants removed because she says they “slowly poisoned me.” She also has Lyme disease.

Next to an Instagram photo taken in Disneyland in Paris, she wrote: “I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

“Thank you for all the sweet messages. I’ve been getting a lot of messages in regards to breast implant illness.”

She added: “I am still battling Lyme with a Babesia co-infection and toxic mold, but feel much better now that my implants are out. Love you guys.”

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