Normal People actor Paul Mescal admits family embarrassed by sex scenes

His granny warned family members

Normal People actor Paul Mescal tells Graham Norton on tonight’s show that his family were embarrassed by the drama’s steamy scenes.

The hit show, which has watched on iPlayer nearly 30 million times, has 41 minutes of sex, foreplay and kissing altogether .

That meant it was a record for the BBC – and it has caused some red faces back in Paul’s family home.

Paul Mescal plays Connell in the steamy series (Credit: BBC)

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“My granny warned my great aunt that there were a lot of sexy bits and that when she felt those were about to happen she should go off and do something else,” Paul told Graham.

I suggested that a good long chore or a couple of cups of tea would do the trick next time!

“‘In episode two when we started kissing she took the dog out.”

Marianne and Connell’s romance has captivated the nation (Credit: BBC)

But there were so many raunchy moments, that there was no escape.

He added: “But she underestimated the time it would take and as she came back in we were right in the throes of it all.

“I suggested that a good long chore or a couple of cups of tea would do the trick next time!”

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Paul told his older relatives to get a couple of cups of tea next time she watches Normal People (Credit: BBC)

Shocked by success

Normal People is based on the 2018 smash-hit book of the same name by Sally Rooney.

It tells the story of two Irish teenagers – Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul) – who fall in love.

Daisy Edgar Jones, who plays Connell’s girlfriend, said: “It’s hard to believe people like it when we’re sitting in our bedrooms.”

Paul continued: “That’s not even a number I can compute. It sounds really good and brilliant but it’s not something either of us anticipated.

“It’s just been good news after good news. It’s crazy!”

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