Noel Gallagher gives VERY harsh verdict on Nick Knowles’ album

This is just a bit mean, right?

Noel Gallagher is never one to shy away from delivering his honest and, er, often brutal, opinion on things.

And unfortunately for DIY SOS host Nick Knowles, he’s the latest person to come to the attention of the former Oasis musician for all the wrong reasons.

During a taping for the festive episode of Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, airing on Christmas Day, Noel didn’t hold back when it came to giving his verdict on Nick’s record, Every Kind Of People.

After a snippet of Nick’s album was played, Noel groaned: “My delivery is better than that.

“I don’t sound like I’m having a stroke when I’m singing it.”


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And, leaving no one in any doubt about where he views his own album, Who Built The Moon?, in comparison to Nick’s, Noel added: “I wrote all the songs myself…and it’s [bleeping] brilliant.”

Modest as always!

Now, Noel isn’t the only star to have poured scorn on poor Nick’s music career this year.

Back in October, actor / singer Shane Richie wasn’t too complimentary about Nick’s music attempts, or those of Jason Manford and Bradley Walsh, during an interview with The Guardian.

Shane said: “That lot, they do it for a hobby, but I do this for a living.

“I don’t know Nick very well, but he’s a chippie who sings. I do this to make a living. When I wasn’t on EastEnders and there wasn’t much in the way of work, I’d put in a three-week tour and we’d go and play for cash.

“It’s horrible being tied in with Nick Knowles and Jason Manford. I’d like to be judged on the tracks. If they think it’s [bleep] then, fine.”

Perhaps realising he’d been a tad harsh, Shane later apologised for his comments.

He told The Daily Express’s Saturday Magazine: “I’d like to say sorry to Jason Manford and Nick Knowles for my silly outburst the other week.

“It was just a gag that backfired.”

Nick, meanwhile, isn’t letting Noel’s comments offend him.

Reacting via Twitter today, he simply said: “Oh I’m not bothered – the Gallaghers have been slagging people off for decades – it’s their thing, keeps them street.”

In a recent chat with The Sun, Nick said he’ll wait to see what fans think about his album – if they like it, he’ll do more, if not, he’s quite happy, too.

“It’s been the most wonderful experience,” he said.

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“The truth is if people buy it and like it, a career is there for me — and if there isn’t, there isn’t.

“The main response has been ‘What is that building bloke doing singing songs?’

“But Universal wouldn’t sign me to an album if I couldn’t play.”

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