Dermot O'Leary and Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke news: Dermot O’Leary demands entertainment industry change amid accusations

'It has happened in plain sight'

News of allegations against Noel Clarke have rocked the showbiz world – to the extent that Dermot O’Leary is now one of 1,000 people demanding a change in the entertainment industry.

The This Morning host has signed a letter pushing for an end to sexual harassment in the industry.

This comes after the shocking allegations levelled against actor and screenwriter Noel Clarke.

He strongly denies all the allegations.

Dermot O'Leary
Dermot is calling for serious change (Credit: SplashNews)

Noel Clarke news: So what does the letter Dermot signed say?

The letter, led by Meriel Beale, states: “After reading the Noel Clarke allegations, many of us within the TV and film industry started sharing our own stories of sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

“His case is not a one-off and, shockingly, is not an extreme example. It has happened to so many of us that it seems normal.”

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The letter continued: “It has happened to so many of us at the hands of men in positions of power within the industry — whether industry colleagues, presenters or actors.

“It has happened in plain sight. It is a constant, terrifying tightrope.

“We are exhausted and we are angry.

“All of this contributes to us being undervalued in TV.

It has been normalised, but it is not normal.

“Many men won’t recognise or notice sexist micro-aggressions — the low-level hum of sexism.

“And many women will accept it as part of the culture. It has been normalised, but it is not normal.”

The letter concluded: “It is time to rethink the culture of TV and film. It is time to put an end to this culture that turns a blind eye to predators and harassers operating in plain sight.”

Noel Clarke has denied all allegations (Credit: Splash News)

So who else has signed the letter?

In addition to Dermot, other well-known figures have signed the open letter.

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These include Jim Sturgess, Kelly Webb-Lamb, Zoe Dobson and Amelia Gething.

And what has Noel Clarke been accused of?

Noel has been accused of groping, harassing and bullying by 20 women, as originally reported in The Guardian.

Since then, other allegations have emerged, including claims of sexual harassment on the set of Doctor Who.

Noel has categorically denied all allegations.

The actor 45, is best known for his roles in Doctor Who, Kidulthood, Bulletproof and his break-out role in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

He was appearing as the lead in ITV drama Viewpoint when the allegations were published.

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