Emmerdale: Nobody expected THIS outcome to the Joe Tate quarry fall drama

Did you see it coming?

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When Joe Tate jumped into a lake from the edge of a quarry for a dare, Emmerdale viewers watched in shock predicting two possible outcomes…

Would he survive the dangerous plunge? Or would he end up in a watery grave?

Fans of the ITV soap who watched the dramatic events on Thursday (3 May) will know that Joe was rescued by ex-girlfriend Debbie Dingle – which resulted in the pair sharing a passionate kiss.

Joe and Debbie prove the passion is still there… (Credit: ITV)

But as the events unfolded, there was ANOTHER totally unexpected outcome, too.

Joe Tate – villain, blackmailer, bully – won himself an ARMY of new fans!

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Millions of TV addicts tuned in to see Joe and Noah bonding as they went mountain-biking through the woods. And viewers softened to the entrepreneur when he displayed his vulnerable side talking about dad Chris.

Debbie Dingle saved Joe Tate’s life – but might regret it one day! (Credit: ITV)

When Noah challenged him to jump off the quarry, Joe recklessly agreed. But he didn’t surface for a worryingly long time…

Lucky for Joe, Debbie arrived looking for truanting Noah – and saw a lifeless Joe floating in the water.

Pulling him out as quickly as she could, she administered CPR and saved his life as the ambulance arrived.

Later at the hospital, the pair had a charged moment which ended with a kiss.

The dare nearly cost Joe his life (Credit: ITV)

Fans couldn’t wait to share their thoughts on the dramatic episode – with many confessing a hot spot for the moody businessman.

One swooned: “Joe Tate is actually gorgeous.”

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Another agreed, adding: “Think I just fell in love with Joe Tate, omg.”

A third wrote: “Oh yes… Joe Tate with Hair DOWN is a very sexy look More please.”

So Joe… The audience like the softer, dishevelled new you – form a orderly queue!

But is he back on with Debbie Dingle?

And will a romantic relationship make him a bit less ruthless…?

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