No joke! Cruz Beckham plans superstar collabs!

And with his parentage, it'll probably happen!

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Okay, so you probably thought the Cruz Beckham Christmas single was like some kind of April fool’s Day joke come early.

But no. It’s terrifyingly real. And just in case you thought the saccharine If Every Day Was Christmas was just a one off charity track, be warned – IT’S NOT!

In fact, pop’s newest and youngest star has revealed he wants to record more songs and would like to collaborate with some major music talents.

(And bearing in mind his parentage – we reckon it won’t be too hard to convince these super talents to agree!)

Speaking during an interview on the Capital Evening Show with Roman Kemp, the 11 year old pop sensation said he would “definitely” like to team up with superstar DJ Calvin Harris.

Er, wouldn’t we all?

He also admitted that, although he loves artists like Bruno Mars, The Vamps and Beyonce, he’d most like to record with ginger crooner, Ed Sheeran.

“I just love all of his songs,” Cruz said.

“If anyone picked one of the songs, I’d just love it. And I love how he plays the acoustic guitar like me,” he revealed.

But if you thought Cruz was just a talented singer (like his mother), think again. It turns out he’s a man of many talents, and has also been learning to play the guitar – though admits he’s been doing it just six months.

And it looks like mum Victoria must have the wee nipper well trained because when presenter Roman Kemp reminded him that his mother was on fifth of one of the world’s biggest bands, he was very kind.

“Yeah I love all of her old stuff,” Cruz dutifully said. “I remember when I was five years old I think, I was dancing on stage to one of her tunes.”

Awww, what an image, eh?

He also revealed that his parents Victoria and David had given him some handy career advice.

“Just be happy, if you don’t want to do it, you can come back to it a bit later,” he told Roman they had said to him. “And they just said that they’re happy whatever I’m doing and singing makes me really happy.”