No-good goat CHARGES at pensioner after being refused entry to shop

He was angry over gruff treatment...

Yes, that is quite a headline, isn’t it? An escaped goat has caused havoc after being denied entry to a shop in Northern Ireland, it would appear.

The incident took place at a Eurospar in Carrickfergus early on Saturday morning.

During his rampage, the animal named Billy, charged towards a pensioner, jumped on cars and devoured plant pots for a half-hour period.

Shop manager Jonathan Smyth, said he initially mistook the sound of the goat head-butting the window for a bread delivery. Little did he know he’d be confronted instead with the red eyes of an irate goat, ready and looking for trouble.

The goat was eventually stopped when a member of the public grabbed it by the horns and led it away, proving that not all heroes wear capes…or maybe they did wear a cape. That is yet to be confirmed – as is the goat’s motive.