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Nikki Grahame told her mum Sue ‘I’m going to get my life back’ just weeks before her death

Nikki died earlier this week after a battle with anorexia

Nikki Grahame told her beloved mum Sue that she was determined to get her life back, just weeks before her untimely death.

Much-loved Big Brother star Nikki passed away on Friday (April 9) and her death was announced yesterday.

While her cause of death hasn’t been revealed, her mum revealed that her daughter’s eating disorder had relapsed during lockdown.

As such, her friends rallied round and raised thousands to enable Nikki to get private treatment.

She reportedly left the facility just a day before her death.

nikki grahame mum
Nikki Grahame told mum Sue was was going to get her life back (Credit: ITV)

What did Nikki Grahame tell her mum?

Speaking on This Morning before Nikki’s death, Sue revealed that she was “apprehensive” about plans for Nikki’s GoFundMe page, which was set up by friends.

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However, Sue admitted: “First of all we were desperate, we haven’t had much help with the NHS, we had one place, she had been failed there five or six times.”

She then revealed that Nikki was determined to get her life back.

“I spoke to her and she said: ‘Please stress how overwhelmed I am by people’s kindness, tell everyone I’m going to try my level best to beat this, I’m going to get my life back.'”

nikki grahame and her mum
Sue and Nikki in the heyday of her daughter’s fame (Credit: ED!)

Lockdown affected Nikki’s anorexia

Sue also admitted that lockdown affected her daughter’s ability to control her anorexia – something she had suffered from since she was a child.

She told the Telegraph: “This last year has just about floored her… From the first lockdown, it was hellish. She struggled because she couldn’t go to the gym.

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“Then in December she fell down and cracked her pelvis in two places and broke her wrist. I stayed with her for three or four weeks because she couldn’t do anything.”

On This Morning Sue also admitted that COVID “really put a cap on it” for Nikki.

This last year has just about floored her… From the first lockdown, it was hellish.

“The isolation, she couldn’t see anyone. I offered to stay with her but she said: ‘I need to stay in my own home’.’ It’s been really hard for her, really hard.

“She had terminal loneliness… she was cut off, spending too much time on her own, and nothing to think about other than food.

“With Nikki, she would get through the year knowing she had friends abroad and would visit them, and she spent a lot of time last year cancelling all her holidays.”

nikki grahame on the red carpet
Nikki’s eating disorder spiralled in lockdown (Credit: Splash News)

Nikki ‘felt lost’ when fame ‘stopped’

Loveable Nikki shot to fame back in 2006 when she appeared on Big Brother 7.

She endeared herself to the nation with her Diary Room outbursts and, her mum said, she had a “great time” riding the wave of her fame.

However, when things started to quieten down, the eating disorder took hold again.

Sue revealed: “Nikki said she did feel quite lost when it stopped.”

Tragically, Nikki was just 38 years old when she died earlier this week.

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